As an entrepreneur, business owner, executive, or intrapreneur, it's time to stop chasing success at the expense of your health. Instead, join Julian Hayes II, executive health consultant and epigenetic atelier whose mission is to help you live a longer, richer, and healthier life. If you want to match your physical success to your financial success, the Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs podcast is for you.  This show's mission aims to marry health and business or, rather, shed light on the already existing connection so you can stay at the top of your game no matter your age, operate with sustained peak performance, and ultimately run around with your great-great-grandchildren, not just see them. It's time to look and feel as healthy and energetic as you are successful. Lastly, this show will also feature wide-ranging conversations with high-performing entrepreneurs, executives, artists, athletes, forward-thinking doctors, scientists, and other fascinating humans that will help you improve physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and creatively. You can find out more about Julian and his concierge health & performance advisory firm at

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