How do I create a profitable online business without burning out? What’s the best way to switch icky sales and promotional tactics for enjoyable and effective marketing strategies? How do I embrace my feminine cycles (rather than shun them) and leverage their power to grow my business? How do I show up, be visible and authentically connect on Instagram, Facebook, podcasts etc to attract my dream clients? Welcome to the Feminine Business School podcast, a weekly show devoted to answering all of these deep and important questions.. and more! Whether you’re a coach, healer, health and wellness practitioner, creative or a woman on a mission and you want to effortlessly grow your online business, consistently magnetise dream clients and make the impact on the world you just know you’re here to make….then this is the podcast for you. And if doing business just feels hard right now (and far from pleasurable or profitable), BUT you’re committed to finding another way to welcome in more prosperity and freedom in your business…Ainslie has you covered. Each week, you’ll receive proven feminist marketing and business strategies, feminine embodiment tools, juicy guest interviews and a deep dive into your personal development through entrepreneurship and an exploration of your nervous system and it’s important role in your business success. Ainslie will show you how to create a wildly successful and sustainable business that is fuelled by your pleasure rather than pain. Hit subscribe now to be notified when new episodes go live.To watch my free ‘Crack The Magnetic Marketing Code’ training head to

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