Between Two Bots

Dan Turchin, Mark van Rijmenam

Between Two Bots, a not-so-veiled reference to Between Two Ferns with the great Zach Galiafianakis. is hosted by author and futurist Dr. Mark van Rijmenam and AI serial entrepreneur Dan Turchin, PeopleReign CEO. We’re on the cusp of a tech-driven cultural reawakening so cataclysmic that it’s hard for any one person to comprehend what’s happening. Our relationship with machines is redefining what it means to be human. Our selves are being digitally memorialized in data footprints locked in iron cages we can’t access or see. Our data is being used to govern what we can do and buy, where we can go and how we live. At no point in history have we been so conflicted about what it means to be a sentient being - whether it’s us made of oxygen and carbon or them made of silicon. We need to have a conversation about what this unique moment in history means. On this show, we meet data revolutionaries who are leading the new field of AI ethics, establishing new regulatory frameworks for AI, and reimagining the role of government as tech companies increasingly act as autocrats. We bring you not just fascinating conversations with fascinating guests but context as you wrestle with your own set of existential questions about how you'll co-exist with machines.

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