Getting Your Edge: How to Rightsize your Home and Life.

Judy Gratton and Dennis Day

Life Happens to Everyone! These events can force changes in how and where you live. How you react and manage those events is what matters. Join Judy Gratton and Dennis Day, two agents with over 22 years combined experience in real estate, as they provide you insights into managing the twists and turns life throws at you, so you can land on your feet and in the right place. Whether you need to downsize from the forever home, upsize to handle a growing family, or moving an aging parent into a safer setting, the “Rightsizing” Podcast will share the information you need to “rightsize” your home and life. Using their personal experiences and interviews with experts in a variety of fields, like: financial planning, estate sales, or living abroad, our hosts will dish out the information and advice that will help you take on life’s challenges informed and prepared. For more information about the Edge Group Real Estate Team and the Freebies click here:

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