Education Perspectives

Liza Holland

Education Perspectives podcast explores the challenges and opportunities in education from birth through productive work. Everyone seems to agree in principle that education is important. So, why is it so hard for us to get to a system that works for our society as it exists today? Taking the 30,000-foot view to look at the entirety of our multiple systems so that we might begin to plot a course toward transformational change is worthwhile. This type of change cannot happen until people are “rowing the boat” in the same direction. Education Perspectives includes interviews with people engaged in the work at every level. Looking at challenges and opportunities and what they would like for decision-makers to know. This type of communication changes the dialog. Understanding where the other people in the room are coming from breaks down barriers and opens the conversation on a broader level.Framed by the host through the lens of having worked in a consulting role with each level, Education Perspectives can give policymakers, administrators, education advocates and the community a unique view into this education journey. Considering these various perspectives to make for better communication can reframe discussions and move policymakers' understanding forward to make policy that will better meet the needs of our information economy.

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