Leaders at Play is a podcast which nurtures creativity, trust, active listening, and a host of other leadership traits through interactive improvisation and fun exercises.  Over the past decade, the husband and wife team of Paul and Kelly Marks have spoken to more than 45,000 business folks at companies such as Amazon, Wells Fargo, Compass Group, Deloitte, Duke University, and Lowe’s. At first, 4 companies took a chance on this unconventional workshop.   By 2018, the duo was giving more than 90 speeches across the country. And in 2019, Paul, with the help of Kelly, gave his first TEDx talk on this business improv relationship. This podcast will not just explain the benefits of an exercise; they will demonstrate it on the air. To book either Paul or Kelly for a Leadership Development or Team Building workshop, please go to BTimprov.com and click CONTACT in the menu bar.

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