Nothing To Lose But Yourself

Ricky Day

Who am I? What does it mean to be human? Why does the world seem so screwed up and how do we fix it? You’re invited to join me on my quest to find answers to these and life’s other great questions. Nothing to Lose but Yourself is more than just another self-help or motivational podcast, it’s an engaging and enlightening journey into us. In some episodes, I will invite you to eavesdrop on the insightful and often irreverent conversations that I have with thought-leaders, fellow artists, entertainers, and friends from a diverse cross section of society about current events and the power of loving and embracing one’s authentic self. In other episodes, I’ll engage in direct conversation with you and reflect on the things I’ve learned and the challenges we face. And I’ll do all of this from my unique perspective as an African American male.Equal parts spiritual, motivational, educational, and entertaining, Nothing to Lose but Yourself invites us to re-examine long held beliefs and inspires us to discover and love our authentic selves and each other. Together we’ll unearth the power of self-love, learn to live the lives we were created to live, and, in the process, we just may change the world. We owe it to ourselves to at least try, after all life is short and you have Nothing to Lose but Yourself.

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