Welcome to the Spirit Sex Money podcast: The Viola Hug show! This is a place for those were made a magic and here to experience all of the pleasure, abundance, and joy that life has to offer them, while dismantling the patriarchy and healing their souls. I’m your host Viola Hug (she/they), a speaker, writer, and mentor, and the owner of a multiple six-figure company. I work with individual energetics like human design and Gene Keys because I know that every single person is unique in the way that they’re meant to experience their life. I’m passionate about equitable leadership and leading in spirituality from a non-toxic perspective. You are in a safe and inclusive place here. As 4/6 splenic manifestor, with a libra sun and moon, and a cancer rising, you can expect a whole range of topics that are all equally activating and thought-provoking, encompassing all things SPIRIT SEX MONEY, and probably a few extras as well! Come be online BFFs with me, join my emails, and find me a TikTok and Instagram @violahug — Now let’s turn it up, it’s about to get hot in here. www.violahug.com // Instagram: @violahug //

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