The bi-weekly User Research podcast that helps you understand what is happening in User Research. It's the best way to keep up on trends, methods and insights across User / UX Research. Each week I capture the pulse of our community and answer a simple question: What mattered in User Research this week? This is the podcast version of the User Weekly newsletter. Views expressed are mine and are not necessarily the views of my employer. --Welcome to User Weekly, the User Research podcast where I help you stay up to date on the latest trends and happenings in the world of User Research. My name is Jan, and as a User Researcher, I know how important it is to stay informed about what's going on in our UX Research industry. That's why I've created this podcast – to bring you the most recent and relevant resources from the world of User Research, all in one place.This is the podcast companion to the newsletter of the same name that over 12 thousand user researchers, UX Researchers and People Who Do Research just like you read every week. I go through hundreds of articles from mainstream media to small blogs to capture the pulse of our UX Research community and answer a simple question: What mattered in User Research and UX Research this week? Every second Wednesday. I'll be discussing 3 of my favorite articles from the UX Research newsletter, so you can stay informed even if you don’t have the time to read the full newsletter every week. By following the User Experience Research podcast, you'll be able to follow the trends and themes that are top of mind for your peers, and get a birds-eye view of our industry in just 10-15 minutes each week. If this sounds relevant to you, consider following the User Research pod and if you haven’t already, subscribing to the free newsletter. And I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you in the next one.

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