Based on the feature film and book of the same name, THE FATHER EFFECT podcast shares real stories about the lifelong impact fathers have on men, women, and families. Founder & Host, John Finch, has been on an incredible journey since 2010 to help others find hope and healing after he struggled for 30 years when his father committed suicide when John was only eleven years old. But it wasn't until he was raising his own three daughters that he truly understood their futures relied on his coming to terms with his difficult past. To move forward, he needed to forgive both his father for choosing to leave, and himself for not being the best father he could be. This journey led to THE FATHER EFFECT, a book and movie containing practical help for men and women with a deep father wound from losing a dad through divorce, death, or disinterest. Through positive lessons on forgiveness and approachable advice on how to change your legacy as a parent, partner, and person, THE FATHER EFFECT is the ultimate healing tool for anyone who has suffered the absence of a dad and for men who want to become the dads God created them to be. For more information, please visit Support this podcast:

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