Lost and Found in 2020

Evergreen Podcasts

In the last months of 2020, we at Scare Your Soul challenged people everywhere to tell their true stories of a life during pandemic. We called the challenge “Lost and Found in 2020,” and were amazed by the stories we received. Just for you, we selected 10 of these stories, read by 10 accomplished Broadway actors whose lives have also been deeply impacted by the pandemic. The result, as you will hear, is powerful. We all lost so much during the pandemic. And yet, we found so much too. www.scareyoursoul.com - Lost and Found in 2020 is a project of Scare Your Soul, a social-benefit courage movement. Visit us to learn more about being more courageous in your life and to receive a free courage challenge and resources.www.evergreenpodcasts.com - the project is in partnership with Evergreen Podcasts. Visit them for more information about their wide offering of compelling podcasts. www.theactorsfund.org - the pandemic affected so many people, not the least our nation’s entertainers. Listeners are encouraged to support the amazing work of The Actors Fund.

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