Leading Generous Teams by Clare Desira (Top Five Movement) + Pro Bono Australia is a podcast dedicated to improving the mindset, resilience and mental health of people working in the social sector. One of the biggest concerns for leaders in the social sector right now is the well being of their own teams. It’s a significant emerging issue. In our first season we have real conversations with sector leaders about the impact COVID-19 is having on their staff - the pressure of changing service delivery, the challenges of delivering on the front line during a pandemic, the financial uncertainty in the face of growing demand; and the mental health challenges of balancing all of this with other challenges, like remote learning. We focus on how leaders are supporting their staff through this time, but also where they are finding their own support, what tools they are turning to and what other leaders can learn from their experience. We’ll leave you feeling hopeful and re-energised with ideas on how you can tackle these challenges and support your teams in new ways.This podcast is presented in partnership by: Clare Desira, founder of Top Five Movement - an organisation that has flipped the script on change mindset, resilience + leadership training for thousands of people across 40 countries. Pro Bono News - Australia's leading news outlet for the social economy, keeping you up to date with what’s happening across the sector and why it matters for you. Hit subscribe now and never miss an episode. To immediately start building your team’s resilience on a daily basis with Top Five’s free toolkit head to www.topfivemovement.com/tools For the latest social sector news head to www.probonoaustralia.com.au

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