Welcome to "A Path to Self-Healing" podcast, where your transformative journey towards greater mental well-being begins. If you're ready to explore practical strategies to manage your mental health, gain insights for navigating life's challenges, or simply yearn for connection and understanding, this podcast is your safe haven. Join us in a space filled with expert interviews, personal stories, and actionable tips crafted to inspire, empower, and uplift you on the path to emotional resilience and inner peace. Each episode is a beacon of light designed to guide you towards holistic wellness. Meet your host, Chris, a Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching, whose expertise and experience are dedicated to helping you make positive changes in your life. Together, let's break down stigmas, foster compassion, and build a community committed to supporting each other's mental health journey. Your mental health matters! "A Path to Self-Healing".

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