How the Wise One Grows

Holly Zajur

Welcome to "How the Wise One Grows" with Holly Zajur-  the podcast that takes you on a journey of personal growth and inner wisdom through the lens of mindfulness. Each episode helps you reconnect with your inner wisdom, one another, and the natural world.Episodes alternate between guest interviews on topics related to wellness and personal growth and guided mindfulness-based meditations that help listeners cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and self-discovery.Holly's easy-to-listen-to conversations with guests and guided mindfulness practices are designed to leave you feeling empowered as you continue to grow. Whether you are looking to deepen your personal practice or simply seeking inspiration for positive change, this podcast has something for you.Join Holly on this journey of self-discovery and connection with the wise one within you.  With each episode, you'll gain valuable insights, practical tools, and techniques to nurture your inner wisdom.Tune in, subscribe, and join the conversation on your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.

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