HealthCare Boulevard

Senan Kakpo-Moore

Hello and welcome to the boulevard. My name is Senan Kakpo-Moore. I am a certified physician assistant. I have a lot of healthcare professionals in my network with different titles and different routes of arriving at their chosen careers. I also held a few different titles on my way to PA becoming a PA-C. Here, I will be your agent and guide as we navigate this boulevard together. This channel will shed some light on the different options available in healthcare as a career. My videos will be fact-based when appropriate and opinion, experiences, and exposure-based as appropriate. I hope you enjoy the content here. Please share with anyone you think might make use of this. For contact, please email I am open to collaborations, interviews, and feedbacks. Healthcare Boulevard is all about helping you find your career path in the healthcare field. My goal is to provide you with the options and resources needed to make the right choice for you.

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