Filmed Live Musicals

Luisa Lyons

Did you watch the original Broadway production of INTO THE WOODS on VHS until the tape broke? Have you been watching HAMILTON on repeat for over a year? This podcast is for you! Nominated for Best Podcast at the 2021 Sydney Web Fest! Filmed Live Musicals features info on 150+ stage musicals that have been legally filmed and publicly shared (no boots!). The podcast features candid chats with the creators of those shows. Get up close and personal with directors, writers, producers, actors, and the people who make filmed musicals happen. Want to support the preservation of the history of filmed stage musicals and the curation of one easy place to find them all? Become a patron or make a tax-deductible donation! Learn more at www.filmedlivemusicals.comREVIEWSAlways High Caliber Guests ★★★★★Luisa interviews high caliber guests who have very interesting insights and views regarding musical theatre and filmed live musicals. Highly recommend.~ ManilaSydneyLanzarote, Apple PodcastsLOVE THIS PODCAST ★★★★★I LOVE this podcast! Listening to the journeys of the creatives for all the shows that have gone on to being filmed is extremely insightful. Luisa also is wonderful to listen to. A smart and interesting Host that strikes up excellent conversations that keeps me listening a subject I love… musical theatre.~ Broadway Expert, Apple PodcastsAmazingly-Thorough ★★★★★Filmed Live Musicals: The Podcast is, like the website that it accompanies, amazingly-thorough, packed with info, insights, and creative inquiry, owing to the voluminous knowledge of the host, Luisa Lyons, and that of her fabulous guests. With the advent of the pandemic, the world of filmed live musicals has taken on a major role, as the theatre world explores alternatives to in-person attendance. As a result, the already-exciting landscape of great musical theatre to be found online (which Lyons’ database website can clue you into) is now even more-vital and important. All that aside, Luisa is a smart, clever, and charming host and her magnetic personality and love of the material bring out the best from her guests. If you love musical theatre, this podcast can’t be beat!~ Beat Warrior, Apple PodcastsFun and informative ★★★★★For fans or people curious about the world of musical theatre Broadway and beyond, this podcast is truly insightful and complements the Filmed Live Musicals online database well. Entertaining and inspiring!~ Galileo Marsh Everything You Need! ★★★★★This podcast gives you everything you need to know about the world of Filmed Live Theater! It gives an interesting, behind the scenes look into this unique world. Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!~ Al Monaco, Apple PodcastsGreat and interesting content for any musical theatre fan ★★★★★Host Luisa Lyons creates really interesting content for all musical and theatre lovers. I have spent most of my time working in the Australian and UK theatre scenes, so it is refreshing to hear a North American perspective. If you love theatre and hearing “behind the scenes” interesting facts, then do not miss this podcast.~ Dame Diva Dan, Apple PodcastsAmazing✨ ★★★★★This podcast is fantastic! I love listening to it especially rn knowing theater won’t reopen until next year. 🎭🎟💛~ OhSoDanni, Apple Podcasts

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