Have you ever heard the terms "digital ownership, web3, and NFTs? Whether you are into it or not, this show isn't about those things. It's simply the stories of how people came to them and what they're doing with them now. Welcome to Odds and Ends... and Friends, a discovery of the people and things that make up this incredible, eclectic community. Our show is co-hosted by bitfloorsghost, Marrk888, HinkieCrypto, and Classic_Craig, presented by RELaiTED. RELaiTED is an exclusive Web3 community focused on community and content curation. Our primary mission is to build relationships, support each other, create content, network, and celebrate AI in all of its different forms. Through our RELaiTED network, our hope is to provide our community with an opportunity to be heard and valued for the work and contributions they put into the space. Our entire reason for existing is to elevate our community and bring value to them, however that may look.

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