Hearing the word "spin" is every public relations professional’s worst nightmare. From an outsider's perspective, hearing the term "public relations" means, "crisis communications", "media" or even the dreaded "spin" word itself... we're here to clear up those stereotypes and misunderstandings. Long-time PR pro and President of Maroon PR, John Maroon hosts SPIN is a Four Letter Word, a no-fluff, cut-to-the-chase show that gets to the heart of the industry today and the different issues impacting our world. In Season 2, we are exploring the topic of relationships and how relationships drive PR and business. We often hear from clients, friends, and partners ... “I like those guys” … and that notion has provided the foundation for Maroon PR’s brand over the years. We are the agency that clients want to have a beer with. In this season of SPIN is a Four Letter Word, we are doing just that: having a beer with guests as we discuss everything from hot topics in PR to how relationships drive growth. Join us for the journey - Cheers!

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