The Carbon Watchdog Podcast


The climate crisis is dogged by worry and denial - Carbon Watchdog focuses on the basic facts behind the panic and bluster. My name is Adam Hardy and I produce informative and entertaining material for people everywhere in the world who have seen this whole thing brewing and are looking for the best ways to tackle it. Society is adapting to climate change at breakneck speed - and God knows, we have to - but the information tsunami is only going to get bigger - so what do all the headlines and cool infographics about Arctic sea ice and hydrogen power actually mean? Carbon Watchdog has put together a complete package of not-so-inconvenient truths about living with climate change - regardless of your politics (or lack of) and moral and ethical viewpoint. We should all do our bit of course - but what is "our bit" and who says? The US president? Greta Thunberg? God? Listen here for a range of interesting, inspiring, helpful, effective and trustworthy climate-related discussions! Get more Carbon Watchdog content at https://carbonwatchdog.o

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