The I Am [Dot. Dot. Dot.] Podcast

Kristen Werner & Mia Steel

Conquer the Digital Business Landscape with Tips for Busy Mums and Entrepreneurs all round!Welcome to 'I Am [Dot. Dot. Dot] Podcast,' your energising hub for busy Mums and entrepreneurs starting & scaling their Business! Here we discuss & teach you actionable digital marketing and digital product creation tips to help you make money online & grow a thriving Business. Plus, inspiring conversations on affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, and motherhood. The good stuff, the bad stuff and the down right funny! We run a successful Digital Product Membership 'The Digital Hive Hub' where we help ambitious entrepreneurs believe in them selves and help them create passive income in a supportive community of like minded people. Sit back, enjoy & join us each & every week!Kristen & Mia xx

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