The Author Revolution® Podcast

Carissa Andrews

We've reached the indie author revolution, my friend, and it's time to talk honestly about how you can manifest your millionaire author destiny. I believe all creatives are called here for a purpose bigger than they realize and making money is an extension of that. You are worthy of making the money you've always dreamed of. I'm going to show you the way. The Author Revolution Podcast is here to help guide you. I'll give you actionable advice, tips, and tricks to make stepping into your millionaire author career feel easy. I can't wait for you to reach your full author potential. You are inevitable. Go forth and start your author revolution! SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW Are you subscribed to my podcast? If not, I'd love for you to do so today because I'd hate for you to miss a single episode. We have big plans coming up and I know you'll want to listen to learn all you can from the experiences and author advice we're about to share. If you're feeling extra awesome today, I would be so thrilled if you'd share a review of the episode or show in general. Reviews help other listeners decide whether or not to have a listen, too. Plus, I totally enjoy reading them. Thank you so much for being an awesome listener!

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