Lawyers in the House with Montlick


Wish you had a lawyer in the family? Now you do™ The law can be intimidating, especially at the times you need a lawyer most. That’s why every week, we’ll have lawyers in the house, breaking down all the law you need to know...before you need it. Powerhouse legal journalist and host Veronica Waters chats with Montlick attorneys who deal with real cases every single day. Together, they’ll bring important information to listeners through relatable stories, insider experience, and legal tips you’ll want to remember. Join Veronica and Montlick Injury Attorneys every Sunday at 8AM on 95.5 WSB, or stream after the show wherever you get your podcasts.This podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Its contents do not constitute advice or services. If you would like specific legal advice, please call 1-(800) 529-6333 Nationwide to get a Free Consultation with an attorney, or visit us online at

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