Toxic family patterns travel though generations until someone decides to take the brave and painful step to end it. My name is Tami and my cohost is LW. We are ordinary people sharing what we have learned in hopes to inspire other ordinary people to wake up, heal, laugh and find their own path to healing. We are not life coaches. We are not licensed therapists. We keep it raw and real and want to the be the voice of the unheard and take the subject of emotional abuse more seriously than we take ourselves...and we use bad words. I hit rock bottom in 2014. It was a painful process to understand and accept that my parents (and my grandparents) were not good people that act bad sometimes, but sadly bad people that act good sometimes. For the last 100 + years, my family lived lives filled with rage, blame, greed, rejection, abandonment, shame, guilt and lies while pretending everything was fine. On my healing journey, I faced the emotionally toxic ties between myself and my ancestors that caused both sides of my family to in denial and to live false unhappy lives. Until a few short years ago, I could not answer the question "Who am I? Breaking free from poisonous (and invisible) familial chains was difficult and resulted in an identity crisis and total collapse - more than once. To mourn the childhood I deserved and didn't get as well as mourning the loss of people who are still alive was and continues to be life defining. My healing journey resulted in dozens of AHA! moments and I ended up discovering that my existence was dictated and controlled, both consciously and unconsciously, by a long history of emotional abuse and neglect. I learned about self-compassion and about the role I played in my own misery. My journey, has led to a podcast and book both called The Stuck Stops Here, as well as writing lyrics for 2 music albums. My life purpose is to engage, entertain, inform and inspire anyone seeking validation, healing and compassion. Content and lyrics created by author, Tami Atman. Podcast and music produced by LW Nolie.

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