Welcome to the "Confident Connected Leader" podcast. I'm your host, Lisa Jeffs. I've navigated the treacherous waters of addiction and deep-seated self-doubt to discover a life of strength, purpose and success beyond my dreams. Join us as we delve into not only the strategies and insights that can reshape your professional and personal life but also the spiritual awakening that underpins true and lasting confidence and purpose. Each episode is packed with actionable guidance and empowering stories that will help you confront and conquer barriers to an extraordinary life and career. As a coach, I've turned my past triumphs into powerful tools to assist others on their journey.We’ll discuss everything from mindset, confidence, spirituality, purpose and all the good, juicy stuff in between. Ensuring you’re supported not just as a leader, but as a whole, fulfilled person. Tune in to be inspired, motivated, and empowered. This is where you learn to live your best life and make a profound impact on the world. Welcome to 'Confident Connected Leader,' where your greatest transformation begins with embracing every part of your journey. PS. If you're a business leader, professional or entrepreneur ready to become your most confident self and break through your current business ceiling and become more visible and influential book a complimentary Breakthrough Call. During this call, you'll receive a personalized assessment of the underlying patterns that are hindering your growth and the exact steps you can take to get the life you want. Be sure to schedule your call as spots do fill up fast! https://lisajeffs.youcanbook.me/ FOLLOWLinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisajeffs/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lisa_jeffs/Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lisajeffscoach/ Main Website: https://lisajeffs.com FREE GIFT: https://www.purposeacademypro.com/f/meet-your-inner-saboteur-guided-visualizationSelf Love Journal: For the Woman Who Gives A Lot: https://a.co/d/6sAHvDh

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