Islam, Prophets, and the World

Fadwa Wazwaz

Religion is often associated with control and dominance. We’re interested instead in creating an open space for listening-in and coexistence. This podcast will clear a space, put down a cushion, and offer podcast visitors a chance to listen in on the stories of Islam’s prophets and how they might see the world today. Who are the prophets of the Qur’an? How are the stories in the Qur’an similar to (and different from) the stories of their lives in the Bible and the Torah? How did the prophets connect to faith, and what can we learn from their stories about the world today? For many reasons, English-language news and entertainment has been saturated with negative portrayals of Islam. Even where Muslims have been humanized, Islam has still been demonized and distanced. Some brave people have been willing to cross this divide to learn more: they have visited mosques and come to inter-faith events. This podcast is not for them. This podcast is for people who don’t feel safe going to a mosque or an interfaith event, who might feel embarrassed to be seen with someone who wore the hijab, but who do want to know more about Islam. These people want to make a connection in a way that feels safe and supported, such as a podcast that isn’t proselytizing or judging, but that reaches out to them and their concerns. Many people are open to a new understanding, but they are afraid to put themselves out, to go ask in person. This podcast is for them, to help them feel a sense of connection with Muslims and with Islam.

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