Badass Basic Bitch

Brianna Dunbar-DeMike

Brianna was born in New York and raised by a single mom of 5 kids. Through her struggles with self-worth and battling an eating disorder for over a decade, Brianna found herself packing everything in her Honda Civic and moving 3,000 miles to California where she knew no one, to chase an entrepreneur dream. She found her passion, voice, and used her scrappiness and hardships to achieve something no one ever thought she could; creating a multi-million dollar company, which she sold. But then she found herself in the middle of her own divorce leaving her a single mom of 3. Now, remarried, Brianna lives in Austin with her husband and four children, as she continues to build companies and empower women to see they are enough. So, what is a Badass Basic Bitch? It all started at an event, in a deep debate when another woman called Brianna a “basic bitch”. Quick off the mark, she replied with, “I’m a badass basic bitch”. We are often quick to judge and quicker to jump to our own conclusions. This woman knew very little about me. She judged me simply on our few interactions with each other. She coined me how she felt I fit into her view. These Baddie Bs are everywhere. They’re our neighbors, women at church, soccer moms, or single women at the bar. These women are all of different religions and races, they are poor and rich, married, divorced or single. But they all have one thing in common; they are ordinary women doing extraordinary things. And now, it’s time their stories are told. Follow Brianna on Instagram: Brianna on LinkedIn: the Podcast on Instagram:

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