Midlife Fulfilled Podcast: For People Over 40 Who Say NO To A Midlife Crisis

Bernie Borges

The Midlife Fulfilled podcast is for men and women over 40 who say NO to a midlife crisis because they thrive across these five pillars: Health | Fitness | Career | Relationships | Legacy. I'm your host, Bernie Borges. Join me each week with inspiring stories from the guests I interview, as well as experts who inform you on important topics, and my solo episodes with my takeaways and teachings to empower you to overcome a midlife crisis and thrive in your midlife seasons. Subscribe on your favorite podcast player. Get my newsletter for weekly midlife fulfillment episodes, inspiring stories, and proven practices to positively impact your midlife journey. Subscribe at midlifefulfilled.com.Loyalty listeners to the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast:Experience more fulfillment.Discover actionable tips to thrive more.Say NO to a midlife crisis!I bring you uplifting and actionable stories that you can use to boost your fulfillment meter! If you are eager to find more fulfillment in your life, experience more joy, thrive, and boot that midlife crisis to the curb, start with a fan-favorite episode from season 2 Episode 100: Your Journey to Fulfillment in Midlife Goes through Five Major Areas of LifeThe Midlife Fulfilled Podcast is also on YouTube.https://www.youtube.com/@midlifefulfilledBernie Borges, host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast.https://midlifefulfilled.com 

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