Our mission is to make music lovers happy. Host Dave Leonard has been building a loyal following for over 30 years, programming with artistic integrity since he introduced his free-form fun to WKZE as their first Program Director in 1993 and to WDST as their VP/Programming in 1996. He is known and respected by industry leaders and fans of all ages. He established his reputation by consistently curating and exposing the best new music, helping emerging artists, and demonstrating a keen sensibility of how to beautifully segue music from all genres and time periods.Dave has endeared himself to music-loving fans with his fun personality, approachable style, and artistic integrity. His fans appreciate the way he keeps them in touch with what’s hip and ahead of the curve. He was crowdsourcing long before it became a modern marketing phenomenon.Famous for breaking new songs and acts, Leonard supports the artists in more ways than one, hosting Woodstock’s annual Davestock, which presents up to a dozen acts each year in this increasingly popular outdoor music fest.Dave is one of the top tastemakers in the country and recently has brought his loyal fan base to the podcast world after syndcating on over 30 on NPR and commercial Triple A radio across the country.

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